From ‘Tatoo’ To “Tattoo”, 21 Hilarious Tatoo Prints

Tattoos that went Horribly WRONG - When ever you make a tattoo especially by "words" always be careful of the 'GRAMMAR' part in it.

‘Your’ what is “mine”…???


Emotional attachments drive people closer & crazier, but they have got nothing to do with ‘PARTS of SPEECH’. If the “your” word is rechecked then you’ll will get a sentence that would be like “Because You are mine, so I walk the line..” would be much better.

Daddy’s surely gonna CRY..

A ‘halo’ upon the “Aingel” will confuse the Angel’s to look down upon us. God have mercy on us.

Definitely you’ll need to g’oo’ ‘too’ a PROPER sc’hoo’l

When was the last time you attended your elementary school-ing. We think you’ll need a proper “SCHOOLING” ¬†lessons.