From ‘Tatoo’ To “Tattoo”, 21 Hilarious Tatoo Prints

Tattoos that went Horribly WRONG - When ever you make a tattoo especially by "words" always be careful of the 'GRAMMAR' part in it.

Ooppss…!! What did I miss…???????

Attractive ‘FONT STYLES’ make a complete tattoo Art.. But if you “miss” a Letter that will not just ruin the Art but also your appearance as well. The missing ‘t’ in the stronges has weakened the whole appearance of Tattoo Art.

Always make sure that you re-think on sentences before ‘tattooing’ them on your body & ‘where’

We guess it is where nature has given us to do for pooping work. Every human follows the same function. well we guess some may have other alternatives as well.

To everyone & ‘Else’ & what “elese”

Framing sentences with the right set of words, letters are the key source to be grammatically right. But some just want things to be more than “FANCY”