Funniest Reasons Why Shopping With Kids Is A Deadly Task For Parents!

Many people believe that kids are little angles that their parents should cherish them until they grow up. Let me ask these people a question, have you ever been to a shopping mall with your kid? If you haven't then you must read this article where we have the funniest of moments when parents regretted bringing their kids for shopping...

When you are done shopping too early and your mom just started!


Have you ever come across someone so stubborn that he refuses to walk with you and sits down in the middle of the mall to prove his resolve!

I’m done shopping already!

Some kids are so not interested in shopping that you start doubting is he/she is your kid judging by the talents for shopping she has.

Did you lose your mommy in the mall kid!?


What if the kid is tired of his mom shouting at him and now at the mall looking for a new mom? Well, this kid has clearly found his new mommy!

I have had it with this s*#t

Even the parents aren’t bothered about their kid sleeping there, they just keep the trolly piling up with more food. Hope they don’t include him the bill too!

Hey, Stacy, do you wanna try pushing the trolly!?

When you trust your kid too much and they embarrass themselves like this? These situations can be really funny sometimes!

What are you trying to do kid?

Though that is a really impressive and a perfect split, his parents clearly haven’t taught him the right way to push a trolly!

The new stock arrives!

Looks like you now get ‘frozen kids’ along with frozen chicken nuggets and frozen chicken patties. What the hell is wrong with you kid!!??


That’s not how you hide!?

Some kids are extremely talented and have impressive abilities, but this kid has clearly no hiding skills or a basic sense too hide!