Kids are said to be the most innocent beings when it comes to mischief, kids from the age of 4 to 10 years old are not mature enough to understand things they should or shouldn’t be doing. We all know how much kids love to draw and most kids are so innocent when they draw, that they don’t even understand if their drawing is appropriate or not. Here we have some hilarious kid’s drawings that revealed more than needed about their parents. Read the article to know more…..

The secret of my dad’s healthy look!


Ahhh the honesty of a child. I said something similar to my dad when I was young. He didn’t appreciate it but his wife laughed and said: “He got you.”

A little too honest for a 6-year-old!


One user commented, “I can definitely see myself in the morning drawing there. Difference: I also look like this in the evenings on the couch, with my dog, as I never go out.”

The truth comes out innocently and smelly!


Truth from a child, the first statement is usually true about most men. The skull and crossbones is a nice touch, kinda shows the intensity of his father’s farts!

School assignment went horribly wrong!


This kid just gave his mom one more reason to keep drinking her wine! It’s a good thing he did not draw about his dad, dad would have thrashed him left and right! For amazing and hilarious drawings read on Next Page….

Not exactly a cool description!


It is impressive to know the kid could spell employee much less use it in a sentence! kids know more than they let on.

When parents check their kid’s homework!


So, farting and drinking are the activities that make the big impressions on kids. Hmmm. There must be a psychology dissertation in here somewhere. You will laugh your guts out when you see some more amazing drawing on the Next Page…..

A fathers day surprise for dad!


It doesn’t look like EMMAH filled up these blanks! This kid got both the farting and the drinking covered in one paper.

Mommy loves money!


You better be careful what you wish for in front of your kids, mom! This one is actually kind of cute.