“Game Of Thrones” Spin-Offs 16 Images You Will Love To See

Here we have Game Of Thrones 16 images that you will love to see. Read the article to see these pictures.

5. The tale of Nymeria, warrior queen and Princess of the Rhoynar.

According to the book and the story so far Nymeria was the warrior queen Arya named her beloved direwolf after. When Valyria conquered the Rhoyne, she led her people to Westeros, marrying the head of House Martell and conquering Dorne, creating the family line that still rules there.

6. The tale of Valyria and its downfall that everyone is curious about.

According to the book and the story so far Valyria was the capital of a great empire ruled by dragonlords, which collapsed in an unspecified catastrophe called the Doom. The Targaryens were originally from Valyria, although they were a minor house there.