Germaine Greer Predicts A Grey Future For Meghan And Prince Harry

The Royal wedding is near and everybody is so keen to watch Price Harry and Meghan to tie a knot. There are so many preparations which are going on to make the wedding one of a kind. The invitation list is in preparation and till now we know that the survivors of the Manchester attack are invited to the wedding. Though Meghan has not given an invitation to her family members for the royal wedding, her half-sister has been going crazy over this negligence. People are speaking about the Royal wedding and they can’t just stop. Read more about the predictions which are made on the wedding.

The Royal Wedding


The days are not so far when Prince Harry and Meghan will get married on May 19 at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. People are just counting days for this Royal event.

Joining The Royal Family



To join the Royal Family, Ms. Markle should give up her US citizenship, and won’t have the capacity to keep working as an on-screen actress. There are so many things which Meghan will have to give up.

Becoming A British Citizen


Turning into a British resident can take years, however, so the actress and lifestyle blogger will hold her US citizenship all through the application procedure.

Germaine Greer Prediction For The Royal Wedding


Ms. Greer has no great hopes after Meghan Markle’s union with Prince Harry, she said she could see how it happened. There are things which Ms. Greer could predict about the union of Prince Harry and Meghan. Click next to read what all Ms. Greer has predicted about the wedding.