Farmers in Switzerland have fitted nearly 14 cows with fistulas or cannulas. It’s an external pipeline which connects to the digestive track of the cow. With its help, the farmers can easily access and examine it. Read the article to know more.

1. Invasive technique.

Farmers are coming up with new-age methods for farming, and this just happens to be an amazing one. Farmers in Switzerland have fitted nearly 14 cows with fistulas or cannulas they use this technique to check the cow’s nutrition level.

2. 8-inch cannulas.

This technique involves to dig cannulas that end up in their digestive track allowing farmers to examine it in order to see how the animal is processing food. It comes with rubber plugs at the end and can be shut when the farmers are done with examining.

3. An experiment.

This technique is used to see different varieties of oats and other crops are being tested in the digestive track of the cows.

4. This practice was done way back in 1920s.

The cannula is inserted surgically and a rest period is given to the cow to recover from the procedure. After the rest period, the cow can be put under examination for testing of various crops.

5. It helps improving cattle raising.

This is done so tht the products obtained from these cattle can be improved as well healthier varieties of crops can be found out for cows in this manner to raise a better batch of cattle.

6. Cows also have a longer life span.

An investigation conducted by the animal care department, it was found out that, Cattle receiving the cannulas tend to live a longer life due to the care that is given to them.

7. Worldwide practice.

After hearing about the success of this venture, many farmers in Europe and USA are employing this technique to raise the cattle’s in a better manner.

8. Seems promising.

The cannula technique is proving to be a great method for new-age farming.