Gigi’s Parents Reveal Their Shocking Reaction After Zayn And Gigi’s Breakup

It was a really shocking news for all of us when Zayn and Gigi confirmed their split. They tweeted about their breakup and said all the good things for each other. The tweets were made to avoid any type of rumors. They ended things on a good note and they’ll support each other even after the breakup. While it seemed a mutual breakup, Zayn was seen in shock and emotionally broken. Zayn had plans to marry Gigi and take things further. Even after proposing Gigi several times, Zayn got a reply which was not in his favor. What did Gigi’s parents have to say about their breakup? read more to know…

Still Thinking About Them Getting Back?


Everybody is shocked after Gigi and Zayn’s breakup. We are still thinking of them getting back after their decision of parting ways.

Right Decision Maybe?



While some people are busy thinking about their patch up in future, some think this was the right decision. Gigi’s parents also think she’s too young to settle down right now.

Zayn’s Nature


Gigi’s mother Yolanda had everything good to say about Zayn. Though every person has their own drawbacks and that is what Zayn has to deal with.

Hard Relationship For Gigi


Though Zayn and Gigi seemed really happy in their relationship, they had their problems to deal with. At times it was hard for Gigi when it comes to being in a relationship with Zayn. Click next to read what Gigi’s parents had to say about their relationship.