Sometimes people do crazy things, but this story is insane. A Girl did something shocking for the deep love for her favorite TV Show. Read the article to know the whole story.

People do unexpected things


A WATERFORD student has settled on the intense however reasonable choice to end her half year relationship with her beau after at last getting around to gorging famous US TV series Riverdale.

Let’s see what does she say!


“I only started Riverdale last night, after the girls told me I was missing out. There’s some amount of rides in it,” 20-year-old Nicole Dreenan shared with WWN, “and it was clear by the end of the second episode myself and Brian were growing apart”. Click on the next page to continue.

Die Hard Fan


She said he’d need to talk and hang out, yet she required time to send what-the-real fuck related emoticons and selfies into the Riverdale Whatsapp group she is in with the young ladies.

She wanted to concentrate on episodes


Dreenan said, she requires time and space to process what occurs in the episodes. It’s tragic it’s over with Brian yet these things happen. Click on the next page to know what was the actual reason behind the break-up.

Important scenes and trials


Referring to Brian’s interruptions and inquiries amid an especially critical scene of the show, which takes after the trials of Archie, Betty, Jughead and Cheryl, as an explanation behind the end of the relationship, Dreenan was presently anticipating gorging full time.

This is insane!


Dreenan said, “Brian was talking over Jason’s memorial, hello? How the fuck did I even think Brian might be a long-term option for me, he doesn’t even think Archie’s music is bad!” Click on the next page to know how she did it?

Riverdale Quiz round

Brian confessed to sources that he wasn’t taking the break-up well. So she took a Buzzfeed test on Riverdale and got Veronica and everything, except despite everything it wasn’t sufficient.

She is not planning for next relationship

Dreenan has not precluded having time for a boyfriend once season 2 of the show closes right on time one year from now.