Global Coronavirus Cases Expected to Reach 30 Million with Death Toll to 1 Million Soon

Observing the rapid surge of new COVID-19 cases especially in India and other parts of European countries over recent weeks, health experts suggested that the global coronavirus cases would be crossing 30 million and the death toll to 1 million soon. According to a Reuters tally, the global coronavirus death toll exceeded the total figure of 900,000 on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, and the total cases to 27.7 million due to the high rate of new infection cases worldwide.

As the epicenter of the global pandemic shifts to India, the country has been witnessing a rapid development of new cases over weeks with a consecutive record daily jump. India witnessed the highest-ever daily cases when it recorded 90,802 new confirmed infections on Monday, surpassing Brazil in the global ranking. In addition, many European nations have recently recorded single-day records jump of the new cases, which are signaling a second wave of the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak started in the central province of Wuhan, China last month of 2019, and the first coronavirus death was reported on January 10, 2020, in the country.

Global COVID Fatality

The United States (US) remains at the top of the global ranking for the COVID-19 pandemic, having the total cases of over 6.3 million with the highest death of more than 190,000 people. The American region alone represents more than half of the global coronavirus fatalities due to the high mortality rate in countries including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador. In terms of mortality rate, Brazil still remains in the second spot in the global ranking with more than 127,000 deaths, which is followed by India with the figure of nearly 74,000 death tolls.

Comparing with the US and Brazil, India has a less fatality rate of around 1% while the top two countries have nearly a 3% mortality rate from the COVID pandemic. According to Reuters calculations based on data from the last two weeks, the global death rate is moving steadily since it took 17 days to reach 800,000 from 700,000; and another 18 days to reach 900,000. This means that over 5,600 people die from COVID every day on average.

Rising Cases in India and Europe

After surpassing Brazil on Monday, India stood the second position in the global ranking of the highest coronavirus cases, with a total number of over 4.3 million while Brazil followed with 4.1 million. Despite a series of lockdown implemented by the government since March, the number of new cases keeps on adding more each day in the country but experts told that peak time has not yet arrived.

Although India has a low mortality rate comparatively in general, the recent development shows that the country is facing more serious problems since it has recorded more deaths than any other country due to the opening up of various social and public spaces as part of unlocking the lockdown. The country recorded an average fatality rate of more than 1,000 people daily for the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom witnessed a sharp rise of nearly 3,000 new cases over the weekend, the highest jump since May. Until Wednesday, the country has recorded a death toll of over 41,500 people and the Boris Johnson government has taken up preventive measures including social distancing and 14-days mandatory quarantine for foreign travelers. Besides the spike of the cases in countries such as the Greek islands, France, and Croatia; Spain became the first European nation that crossed half a million infection cases on Monday.