At The Graduation Ceremony Marine Son Surprises His Mom For Her Priceless Reaction

For a mom to be single and alone in this mean world is not easy, just like this 45-year-old single mom Tondaleya. But her life was not that bad when her son suddenly surprised her at the ceremony. Read the article to know her priceless reaction.

Tondaleya’s life had a tragic twist.


Three years before her graduation day Tondaleya  lost her husband and the father of her children Charles Robinson Jr in a battle with diabetes.

 Tondaleya Robinson’s eldest son was in the Marine.


Tondaleya’s 23 year old son Corporal Paul Robinson had joined the army as a tribute to his father, who was also a Marine. Paul’s mother’s struggle inspired him to join the army too. Because of his duties he couldn’t be around to take care of his mother.