Grange Hill Cast – Where Are They Now?

Here we’ve listed some of the memorable characters that appeared in the series, which started in 1978, and researched what they’ve been up to since their days in the school.

11. Vivian Mann – (Antoni Karramanopolis)

Antoni Karramanopolis first appeared in series two, constantly falling asleep after spending his evenings working for his father.

Two years later the character was written out after plummeting to his death from the top of a multi-storey car park (some way to go). After leaving Grange Hill, Vivian, working under the name ‘Vinny Mann’, continued to act in a variety of different productions. During the 90s Vinny signed a record deal with his bandVelcro Fly. He also had a successful career as a model.

12. Mark Burdiss – (Christopher Stewart)

Did you know that Mark played ‘Stewpot’ for five series until 1985? during which time he also recorded and released the theme tune for a film.

Since leaving Grange Hill, Mark has continued to act, appearing in Operation Good Guysalongside his brother (and series writer), Ray. Mark also had a semi regular role in The Billas the brother of one of the officers.


In addition, Mark has recorded numerous adverts, and is particularly well remembered as the face of Morrisons’ Supermarket and more recently ‘Kev’ in The AA’s ‘Bev and Kev’ adverts. A keen follower of professional boxing, Mark can often be seen on televised bouts as a referee.