Groom Told He Had Weeks To Live Delivers Shocking News At The Wedding

The sentiment falling and being in love is one of the best emotions one would ever feel and experience. You feel inspired, driven, and secure having somebody in your corner to help and cheer you. Something like this happened with this couple. A groom who was told that he had cancer and believed he had just weeks to live, was able to give wedding guests wonderful news in an emotional speech. Read the whole article to know how he shocked everyone in his emotional speech.

Jack decided something!


After the shock diagnosis Jack decided he wanted to ask Emma to marry him, he said: “I was always going to marry her – we’ve known each other for nearly ten years and have been together for the last three. From the day I first met her I knew I wanted to be with her. So I got my mum to get the ring and the nurses put me down on one knee to propose. We were married eight days later – why waste any time?”

Emma said YES to him


Emma said yes and the couple started arranging their huge day eight days after he got to that he has cancer, The couple was hitched in a moving ceremony at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital, in Teesside, only eight days after the fact.


Then something happened unexpectedly!


They planned their wedding, Jack was likewise setting himself up for a spinal biopsy operation. But when the day came, a scan found that the tumor had contracted and additionally tests proposed that he didn’t have cancer. The wedding proceeded at the clinic on 23 October with the happy couple sharing the wonderful news about Jack’s diagnosis with their guests. Click on the next page to know what happened to them later.