Having These Things Can Make You Instantly Rich

Antique's are best, when you got to deal with price & exchange. Getting old stuffs again from the past time again is like bringing time again.

Who will deny ‘The Beatles’ – their Album : Yesterday & Today is also the most auctioned one.


This is a copy of The Beatles’ album Yesterday and Today with a disgraceful cover that is considered to be rare. They were depicted in white butchers coats with headless baby dolls and pieces of raw meat which is why it was called to be “The Butcher Cover.” Unbelievably the perfect polymer, with such a cover was sold in a auction for $125,000.

Rare Coins are Rare everywhere..!


The ‘2 euros coin’ that was dedicated to Grace Kelly was put into circulation in the year 2007, and it costs between 600 and 1,000 euros. Just 20,000 of them were made. On the other end 1 Italian cent was released in Italy 15 years ago, and costed around 6,000 euros.


So if you have these old antiques you can sell them & become Rich.