Animals in today’s generation suffer a lot due to human misbehavior, here we have 10 amazing heart touching animal stories that will melt your heart. Read the article to know these stories.

10. Maddison and Lily

The Great Dane Lily and Maddiso were the best of friends, 6 year old Great Dane Lily lost her eyes, she went into depression until Maddison came along. Soon Madison become the eyes of Lily, she rubbed against her body to show affection and together they did everything that two normal dogs would do, they are now happy and out of depression.

9. Jake the Firedog.

Jake the Firedog was a small dog, estimated to be only a few weeks old and was rescued by a firefighter from a burning shed. The dog was abandoned by his family at a vet’s clinic later. He was then adopted by the firefighter that had rescued him. The dog recovered quickly and took his place on the tower truck. He is now the official mascot of the fire department and visits schools and education centers for awareness campaigns. He was even sworn in by the city council of Hanahan and was given his own badge.

8. Bob and James Bowen.

Here is a an amazing story of a homeless musician James Bowen came across a cat in the subway that was suffering from a wound in the leg. It possibly came from a cat fight but the stray cat needed help. James took him to the vet and helped it recover. Bob the cat always followed James everywhere and surprisingly James earnings increased. Eventually he wrote a book about how Bob changed his life and about their adventures on the street together.

7. Baloo, Leo and Shere

These three animals coming straight out of the Rudyard Kipling bestseller “The Jungle Book” were locked in a basement and abused until they were rescued. Originally owned by a drug dealer, they were undernourished and not taken care of properly. In 2001, they were taken to Georgia for recovering from their injuries by the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary which is an NFP society for animals. The abuse that these three went through developed a bond between them that looked beyond their species.

6. Rademenesa

This is a story of a cat who was diagnosed with inflamed respiratory tract at the age of 2 months, Rademenesa lived in an animal sanctuary where he overcame the ordeal with treatment and care. He now lives in an animal shelter where he cares for other sick animals and tries to nurse them back to health.

5. The hippo and tortoise bond

A baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and lost everything. Where it reached lived another tortoise 130 years old. Now they both bond together in a way that is unexplainable.

4. The dog that never left

Captain, the dog, has not left his owner’s grave for six years. Everyday at precisely 6 p.m he enters the cemetery and stays by his owner’s grave ever since the owner died. The family discovered this on the second day of the owner Miguel Guzman’s funeral when they visited the cemetery and found the dog by the man’s grave. He had been missing since the funeral. We do not know whether the dog is still alive but on the record are visits for 6 years.

3. Jack the dog

A German shepherd Jack is an inspiration for all cancer patients. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14 months, also he old underwent a surgery for six hours in order to remove the tumour that had metastasized all over the ear. The cancer had spread to ear canal and thus the left ear of the dog had to be amputated. Eight weeks after diagnosis he was officially cancer free and continues to inspire others to fight for their cause.

2. The savior monkey

During a deadly explosion in a Chinese factory, a monkey was caught on tape carrying a puppy to safety.

1. Yang Yun and the Beluga Whale

Yang Yun was free diving in the Arctic when her legs cramped while she was at the bottom of the pool. She couldn’t move and kept sinking lower. As she choked, she felt something heavy beneath her legs. Then the savior a Beluga whale had sensed what was happening and lifted the diver to the surface thus saving her.