Heartbreaking Detail In Stranger Things 2 Which Can Kill You

After the season one, there were things which kept us all in doubts and left us baffled. El aka Eleven was gone and at the start of season 2 there was no sign of El but as we could see in the trailer El was back to the season. There are so many moments where you missed the connection between people. Hopper how lost her daughter because of cancer started to build this connection with Jane aka El. For more, read the whole thing.

Chief Hopper


Presently, for whatever remains of you who are finished with Season 2 and searching for an approach to fill the void in your heart, we should pause for a minute to discuss the love of my life Chief Hopper.

The Flashback From Season One


We initially observed his girl, Sara, have a fit of anxiety, and afterward in another flashback later that episode, we saw her in the ICU where she eventually died.

A Closer Look At A Scene


Go back to the season one and try to remember this scene where Hopper’s daughter started to chock and Hopper was all confused. Notice the hairband.

What Hopper Is Wearing


There was a scene where Hopper read a story to his daughter when she was admitted to the hospital. Just take a look at the band he has on his wrist, a blue color band.

Continued Wearing That Band For A Long Time


This is a moment from season one where Hopper is talking to his ex-wife. He has that band still on his hand, all those moments still show that there were times when he misses his daughter so much and anxiety attacks.

Jumping To Season 2


Remember the time when Mike and El go to Snow Ball, El is wearing that band on her hand, it seems like Hopper gave Sara’s band to Eleven.

Hopper Had It Planned For Eleven


Clearly, Hopper has truly encouraged Eleven this season (and truly embraced her as his own little girl). In season one he ended up feeling for this girl.

So Many Layers To Deal With In Stranger Things


Possibly next season Eleven’s hair will be enough length to try and wear the hairband? In spite of the fact that, how about we be genuine, it functions pretty flawlessly as a wrist trinket.