HEARTBREAKING! Teen Dad Banned From Seeing His Son!!! Here we have another exciting story from Teen Mom 2 that one of the dad is Banned From Seeing His Son! To know more about who is that dad read the article.

#1 Unannounced

If you thought it was weird when Javi showed up at Kailyn’s house unannounced only to find her with another guy, it happens again, this time with him creeping through the garage.

#2 Terrified

“He went through all my drawers. I think he was trying to see if someone lived here,” Kail tells JC, adding she and Sterling were terrified when they saw him in the house unexpectedly.

#3 Police

“I got upset because he wouldn’t leave. I called the police, he told me there’s nothing I can do about it until the divorce is finalized.”  Oh, but there might be…

#4 Jo

When Kailyn retells this story to Jo and Vee, Jo demands something get put in writing because his son, Isaac, is at risk.

#5 Writing

“You need to have something in writing because that to me is not acceptable at all,” he tells his ex. “I don’t like picking my son up and he’s f—king scared. If he’s f—king crazy enough to just walk in your house then what the f—k else is he gonna do?”

#6 Idea

Then Kailyn has an idea — to have Jo tell Javi that he isn’t comfortable with him being around Isaac if he’s going to act like this. Uh oh.

#7 Other side

Javi tells the story differently, though, telling his friends he only went to Kailyn’s house because they were supposed to drop off the boys but Kail left the meeting place because he was running late.

#8 Basement

“I jumped the fence, the basement was open so I went in, went upstairs,” he says.

#9 Flipping out

“She starts flipping out, she’s like ‘get out of the house: The cops show up they’re like, ‘do you have anything on paper that says he can’t be here?’ She’s like, ‘no this is still his house. He’s like, then we can’t do anything.”
He then criticizes the mess, saying clothing was sprawled out everywhere.
“This was a dope-ass crib and now it’s garbage.”

#10 Tell us

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