Here Is Why Lady Trump Is Not Divorcing The President While He Is In Office

As Donald Trump wandered further and further into his presidential crusade, Melania Trump had no real option except to grasp the political spotlight. Up until now, she’s remained with him through embarrassment and achievement. Will their marriage survive his administration — or end in separation?

Donald And Melania Trump Married In 2005


Trump and his wife Melania first met at a New York Fashion Week party in 1998. In spite of declining to give him her number, in the beginning, they eventually married each other in 2005.

Trump Prior Had Two Divorces


Melania wasn’t Donald Trump’s first spouse. He has really been married three times. First to Ivana Zelníčková in 1977 and Marla Maples in 1993. His marriage to Ivana ended after a public affair with Maples.

Donald Loved When Melania Would Praise Him


Going along with Melania’s apparently respectful mentality toward her better half, Michael D’Antonio, creator of The Truth About Trump, says he saw something upsetting in regards to their relationship. D’Antonio says when he met Donald and Melania, Donald said to his wife, “Tell him I’m a really good husband.”

Agreed To Have Children, If Melania Got Her Body Back


Trump had a “contract” of sorts before Melania’s pregnancy with Barron. Donald needed guarantee Melania would recover her pre-baby body. Melania guaranteed Trump everything would be back to how it was. Turn to next page to know more.