Here Is Why Lady Trump Is Not Divorcing The President While He Is In Office

Trump Isn’t The First Divorced U.S. President


The majority of the 45 U.S. presidents have gone into the White House alongside their wives and remained married all through their terms. Just one previous president never wed. Another, similar to Trump, filled in as president close by somebody other than his first spouse.

Ivana Calls Herself ‘The First Lady’


Melania is certainly the first lady to the American people but not to Ivana. Ivana called herself the genuine first woman in her new journal. Melania wasn’t having any of it. She dismissed back by saying Ivana’s remarks are “attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

Donald Says Prenup Is Good For Relationship



Donald Trump is a big fan of prenuptial agreements. He doesn’t get married without them. Due to his wealth and his relationship history, it’s easy to see why. Trump disclosed to New York magazine that a prenup made his association with Melania more grounded. Keep Reading For more one next page…