Here Is Why Lady Trump Is Not Divorcing The President While He Is In Office

Are Donald And Melania Trump Headed Towards Divorce?


From the outside look, and numerous conjectures it seems that this marriage won’t last. Despite the fact that a few reports asserted she would not like to wind up noticeably the first lady or move into the White House.

What Would Happen If They Split Up During His Term?


Beside their prenuptial agreement, Melania  would leave the White House and become the “former first lady.” If a president were to separate from his wife and after that remarry all while his term, Melania would turn into the current FLOTUS  in place of the former.


Does a president need a first lady?


James Buchanan was the main U.S. president who served his whole term unmarried. On the off chance that Donald and Melania Trump happen to get a divorce, he wouldn’t need a stand-in. Regardless of whether he didn’t remarry, he may, in any case, consider selecting somebody to fill the space a former first lady.