Here’s How Barack And Michelle Obama Wished Each Other A Happy Valentine’s

We saw a lot of love posts and surprises on the International Day of Love. With the new sweethearts to old couples to even the to be wed Royals. But what stole the heart of all people is the renowned lovely cute couple of former President and First Lady. Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated their Valentine’s day in a really cute way. They exchanged gifts and wished each other and it became a sensation on the internet. If you are eager to know what the former President gifted his lady love read more.

Barack Obama Wished Michelle


Barack Obama wrote Michelle a sweet tweet wishing her a Happy Valentine’s Day and expressed how much her presence matters in his life.

Michelle Had An Amazing Gift For Him


While Michelle wished Mr. Obama on Twitter she also dedicated him Valentine’s Day playlist to celebrate the occasion. We wonder which all songs were there on the list.


Forever Mine


Michelle Gets The Perfect Gift


Mr. Obama will surely agree his wife is perfect and she always proves it be it her social skills or her care and affection towards her family. She made Mr. Obama the perfect gift and there were also a lot of thoughts put into it. Turn next to know what did the playlist include.