Prince William was marked a ‘legend’ as he did something unexpected in the audience amid the Royal Variety Performance. The Duke of Cambridge was admired by viewers for being a ‘good sport’ as he participates in the fun – leaving the Duchess of Cambridge in stitches. The royal, 35, was asked by host Miranda Hart and the young cast of Annie to copy her mark move mid-way through the program. Viewers immediately took to social media to remark on the funny minute, with many saying they ‘couldn’t stop laughing’.

An evergreen Love story…


Indeed, even after six and a half years of marriage, Prince William can make Kate Middleton laugh—like, outrageously hard.

Royal Variety Show


The couple as of late went to the Royal Variety Show, facilitated by English actress and comedian Miranda Hart, where the prince was the source of a few moments of comedic gold.

 Prince made his lady laugh


As indicated by Harper’s Bazaar, the first came out when Hart cajoled the prince amid the show. The royal reacted by yelling out some of her own catchphrases, including “such fun!” The entire show purportedly made the audience including his gorgeous lady truly LOL.

Kids were performing in the show


At that point, after a performance from the melodic Annie by the bunch of kid actors, Hart encouraged one of the cute small entertainers to request that the duke mimic the trademark “galloping” move from her BBC1 show. Click on the next page to read more.

What did he do?


After a few minutes of shyness, the monarch obliged. And the grown man did the galloping in tuxedo and it was so funny, and he was the reason behind the Kate Middleton’s laugh.

Happiest Couple


The couple, who is expecting their third kid in the new year, are continually making each other laugh, proving that since they are royals doesn’t mean they take everything seriously. Click on the next page to read another humourous incidence of the couple.

They are made for each other.


Laughter is good for health and best medicine to your body. A couple who make each other laugh all the time can have the healthy love life. And Kate and Williams setting the example.

Kate is funny too…


Kate joked about her pregnancy months before it was a reality, and William has had equal participation in the humorous dig at his baby brother, Prince Harry, after the declaration of his engagement to Meghan Markle. “Personally, I hope it means [Harry] stays out of my fridge and will stop him scrounging my food,” he joked to the press.