Here’s How Prince William Can Still Make Kate Laugh

Prince William was marked a 'legend' as he did something unexpected in the audience amid the Royal Variety Performance. The Duke of Cambridge was admired by viewers for being a 'good sport' as he participates in the fun - leaving the Duchess of Cambridge in stitches. The royal, 35, was asked by host Miranda Hart and the young cast of Annie to copy her mark move mid-way through the program. Viewers immediately took to social media to remark on the funny minute, with many saying they 'couldn't stop laughing'.

They are made for each other.


Laughter is good for health and best medicine to your body. A couple who make each other laugh all the time can have the healthy love life. And Kate and Williams setting the example.

Kate is funny too…


Kate joked about her pregnancy months before it was a reality, and William has had equal participation in the humorous dig at his baby brother, Prince Harry, after the declaration of his engagement to Meghan Markle. “Personally, I hope it means [Harry] stays out of my fridge and will stop him scrounging my food,” he joked to the press.