Here’s How Taylor Swift Prevents Her Backup Dancers From Leaking Her Music

Taylor Swift is one the most famous singer in the modern time. Singing and making a video is not the only problem singers have to face in today’s world. The singers like Taylor Swift has to even protect their music from leaking. Since music is their primary mode of income leaking the video can be danger financially, therefore, they need to take some major of protection. Here is how Taylor Swift prevents her backup dancers from leaking her music.

Taylor Swift Is SUPER Protective


TaylorSwift is an American singer-songwriter and leading contemporary recording artists. Her being super protective of her albums before they are released is not so shocking.

Often The Target Of Leaks



Taylor Swift is the leading contemporary recording artists. People tend to leak her video more often than other. Hence she must be more cautious about who has access to her album before they are made public.

Extremely Difficult To Do


Making a music video can be extremely hard when you cant actually let anyone hear the actual music. Since there are backup dances involved in the video singer can not actually let them hear the music because of the leak.

Background Dancers Couldn’t Actually Hear The Song


In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot of End Game video. It was revealed that the background dancers actually did not hear the song they were dancing to. Stay tuned to know more on next page…