Here’s How The Famous Singers Ex-Couple Justin And Selena Are Spending Their Time Apart

There have been so many things which Selena and Justin have faced in recent times. Though they have decided to take a break from their relationship just after the rekindled love, they are finding things which makes them happy. We could see the sadness of breaking up on Justin Bieber’s face but not on Selena and she seemed okay with the decision. Will they find their way back to each other is really a question to kind about.

After Breakup Meets


The two were seen at the regular church service twice after their decision of taking a break. It’s still unclear what they actually are up to. Though Selena has been figuring out things in her life, Justin was seen crying in his car in past days.

Selena’s Mysterious Smile



During their recent visit to the church, Selena was escorted back to her car and while looking at Justin who was entering his car she passed a mysterious smile which could mean something.

Their Rekindled Love


It’s been a roller coaster love story for Justin and Selena as they found their love again in 2017. After their earlier separation, they were much closer this time and thought of taking things more seriously.

Their First Ever Dating Time


They started dating back in 2009 when they found love for each other for the first time. They then broke up in 2012 and blamed their busy schedule for the demise of their relationship. What exactly they are up to and are they taking any steps to get back? Click next to read.