Here’s Why Visiting A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

However, on the off chance that you don't think you can hold up any more, you can get a little fix of the show at this new fly up bar in Washington D.C.! It's planned in theme of Game of Thrones and it could very well fill every one of your dragons and white walker needs.

This particular space is actually well known for being various creative pop-up bars.


The latest themed space was devoted to cherry blossoms. It had lines that would quickly create and hover around the piece just to enter. We don’t expect anything less for the new Game of Thrones bar!

The main missing piece of this Game of Thrones bar is week by week screenings of the new episodes.


However, it’s better of this way as the bar is far too crowded and loud of a place to actually watch an episode that’ll need a viewer’s complete and utter attention.


The series’ long awaited seventh season will be coming out this July 16th.


This special pop-up bar will stay open and available until the show’s season finale, which is scheduled to air on August 27th.