Here’s Why Visiting A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

However, on the off chance that you don't think you can hold up any more, you can get a little fix of the show at this new fly up bar in Washington D.C.! It's planned in theme of Game of Thrones and it could very well fill every one of your dragons and white walker needs.

The bar is at 7th Street North West.


We exceedingly prescribe taking the Shaw Metro as it’s just a couple of steps far from the bar! Try not to drive there in light of the fact that (1) parking will be too hard to find and (2) will be drinking!

But don’t plan to drop by the bar on any Sunday evenings!


The bar shuts down at 7pm each Sunday night so everybody can return home so as to watch the most recent episode. “We didn’t have a choice; the three-eyed raven picked us, ,” Fetherston said. “This PUB is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms and we cannot wait to share it with fellow fans.”


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