The Royal Family’s Prince George is attending the same school as his father. There are certain rules that the royal family has to follow. Want to know why Prince George is not allowed to make a best friend? Go through this one.

1. Rules Which The Royal Family Follow


They have to follow certain rule also, though they live a luxurious life, as they get older they realise their lives comes with a price.

2. Extremely Lavish Life


They get to fly all over the world in a private jet, they eat the finest food and wine and dine. There has to be some or the other news about The Royal Family in the papers or about any member of the family. Want to know why he’s not allowed to make friends? Click on next and don’t miss out the whole story.

3. Obsession About Prince George


Since he was born in 2013, people have been obsessed with Prince George. The little boy who will one day be the prince, he doesn’t even realise what that means yet but soon he’ll.

4. Getting Started With Schooling


After four years, Prince George has started school for the very first time. Yes, he’s not homeschooled. Prince George is attending Thomas’s Battersea school in London.

5. About The School


Comparing other schools this schools has only 560 boys and girls between ages of four and thirteen which isn’t a lot at all.

6. The School Is Very Selective


They are so selective about the student, if at all you want to join the school you have to take a thirty-minute assessment. If the assessment is successful then they need a reference from the last school.

7. Rules Of The School


There are some rules in this school you have to follow like you cannot send party invitation in the school since the left out student will feel bad if they are missed. They cover many activities like Art, Ballet, Drama, ICT, French, Music etc.

8. Why Prince George Is Not Allowed To Make Best Friends


Students at the school aren’t allowed to have best friends and some people completely agree with the rule. I’m sure whoever came up with this rule had great intentions, don’t you agree?