Communication is very important between parents and their kids, it is important so that parents can give the suitable instructions to them! But not every conversation between a kid and his/her parent is serious, some conversations are so funny and awkward that after reading them you are sure to pee your pants laughing, thanks to autocorrecting! Read the article to tease your sense of humor!

1. Now that was an unexpected conversation with dad!


Remember to always stay cautious when you are having an intense conversation with your dad, especially when you are having a conversation about your ex with your dad.

2. Oops! that came out wrong!


Sometimes when you text auto-correct automatically makes things worse for you, hope mom doesn’t read this conversation or these two men are grounded for sure!

3. Now you believe them, dad!?


Well, dad now you understand why autocorrects are so famous! Hope what dad said was actually a autocorrect, or they are gonna have some serious awkwardness for dinner!

4. Well, that was seriously awkward!


Well, in her dad’s defence both the acts require meat and buns, but I’m sure┬áher dad didn’t mean any fishy business there! This next conversation between a daughter and her dad has got the whole world burst into laughter, read on Next Page….

5. Dad has clear intentions!


When dad is clear about his intentions of what all he wants to eat at dinner and after dinner. Not the kind of conversation you should be having with your kid!

6. This kid just heard his worst nightmare!


I don’t understand how or why the closest word for ‘vacuum’ in autocorrect is ‘vagina’. I mean how is it even related, autocorrect can’t be that smart now! For more hilarious and mindblowing conversations, read on Next Page….

7. Easter went wrong!


Now, that’s not how you want to spend the holidays with your parents, some parents sure have weird demands. Kid, you shouldn’t have asked for dessert!

8. Was it a bee sting or some other sting…..?


Now, that’s what I call an innocent mistake, ‘Epi-pen’ is very close to ‘Epic penis’, I’m sure out of the two options only one would have been effective against a bee sting!