Hilarious Dog Biography That You Might Relate To

Dogs are mans best friend, they cheer you up when you feel sad. They can be really funny sometimes, here are some hilarious dog bios that you might relate to. Read the article to know more…

Lumber dog who brews his own beer.


This roughed up looking dog has a real nasty bio, you don’t want to mess with this lumber dog! He listens to vinyl and took his improv at UBC!

Eric means business!


Eric is a tough dog who only listens to rare music, he seems to have quit smoking and collects vinyl.

Sheryl the mom!


Sheryl is a single mom, she has a total of five kids and she goes to church regularly along with her kids! Sheryl is a big fan of rap music.

Linda, 48!


Linda is a cute old dog, she is single and she occasionally falls asleep during every movie. And her favorite quote is “Buckle your seatbelts Kevin this ain’t funny.”

Smantha, 24.


Samantha is a pretentious classy dog, though she lives in the suburbs but show as if she lives in the city. She frequently indulges in alcohol and never leaves her house without makeup!

Amy, 48.


Amy is a very cheerful and active dog, though she has two kids she loves playing tennis, she is also a big fan of the famous singer Celine Dion.

Sharon the addict!


Sharon clearly looks like a lazy dog, she has no intention or working and never has worked before. She has a Xanax prescription which no one knows why!? and obviously hates her husband, because he thinks she is an addict!

Brooke 42.


Brooke does not have a good reputation, she is an alcohol addict and loves to cheat on her husband. She currently owns three horses and flirts with anyone she finds attractive.