In today’s world, people are obsessed with photography, many people who find passion in photography click photographs like an art. For people clicking pictures in a place, with or without people around is a way of saving memories of that place or moment. These moments sometimes get humorously destroyed when someone photobombs these pictures. Read the article to see some of the hilarious photobomb pictures on the internet…

Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs U2 at the Oscars


Benedict Cumberbatch hilariously photobombs U2 at the 2014 Oscars, probably the reason why he was picked as ‘Doctor Strange’, for his strange yet funny behaviour.

Hey there!


When you think only humans can photobomb your precious pictures, here’s a squirrel, ‘mind if I join in too?’

Single AF!


When you are the only single person in the entire place and you want to make the best use of this opportunity to photobomb the pictures of couples and destroy their moment!

A dream from a distance!


When you see a picture full of beautiful teens, but wait, who’s there at the back? Is that a whale? Oh! Wait it’s just another idiot trying to live his dream from a distance! For some more hilarious photobomb pictures, read on Next Page…

The odd one out!


When you know you are clearly the odd one out, you still want to fit in and be happy about it!

What a surprise!


Who would know that these three beautiful girls would make a good friend out of a stingray who loves to click pictures? But, sadly the girls are not used to the fact of a stingray creeping up from the back to click a picture! For more funny pictures, see on Next Page…

Well, that was unexpected!


Ladies take their pictures very seriously and a wild night like this is obviously to be captures with perfection. And admist all this slaying if you try to photobomb a group of beautiful girls, you are bound to get craped on!

The floating heads photobomb!


When such a stunning actress as Angelina Jolie poses to take a few pictures, there are bound to be floating heads around her, in this case, the heads of Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black.