Who would know that even chameleons can entertain the crowd, it has been observed that chameleons hold anything in their hand if you give it to them. Here we have some really funny pictures of chameleons holding some weird things in their hands. Read the article to see these funny pictures.

The warrior chameleon!


Chameleons are so fun and they’ll grab anything you give them, just like this warrior chameleon!

The chameleon has an intent to kill.


You better be careful with this chameleon hanging around your walls!

Chameleon got his new saber!


Since the axe and the sword was not enough he got a new saber, looks like he is going on a war with the other chameleons!

Adventures of Olive the chameleon!

This one looks like a still from one of the famous chameleon movies ‘Ringo”!

A true nationalist!


Looks like this chameleon is celebrating the Danish independence day!

The other chameleons joined it too…


The other chameleon forces are joining in too, they are probably preparing for a war! This one looks like a sniper expert!

Looking at the chameleons other animals joined in too….


This funny little flying squirrel is equipped and ready to strike!

These adorable animals.


A 19 year old girl Emma Ward has taken these adorable photos of her pet chameleon, Olive, she said, “I thought it’d be an interesting idea to hand her toy weapons, since she’ll grab anything that goes in her claws,”.