These Hilarious Pictures Perfectly Describe What It’s Like To Live With Her

Take a look you will relate on the off chance that you are as of now living with your own one of a kind "her."

10. Showering With Her


She demands that you all shower together. It’ll be hot and provocative right? No, washing up together means she gets all the boiling water and you remain in a corner solidifying, or she makes the water singing hot until it melts your face off.

11. At Least Someone Is Comfy


Snuggling up and getting warm on the couch is one of her most loved things to do. But, she winds up all spread out, assuming control over the sofa and hoarding the cover while you are super cold and for all intents and purposes dangling off. At least someone is comfortable.


12. She Gets A Little Jealous


She is fiery and gets somewhat jealous, and you secretly cherish it. She has got her eye on you and each lady or gay man around you. A little envy is sound right? Go ahead, you adore it.