Work always isn’t fun for everyone, there are some days of work where you get bored of the monotonous schedule. What do you do to entertain yourself? So for your entertainment here we have some of the most hilarious jokes about work, which after reading you will die laughing.

1. Just hoping if today you maybe just lucky enough to get a holiday.

2. Strictly paycheck only!!

3. Sometimes you just dono what you want with life!

4. Now we know why he banned it!! LOL

5. Sure why do think I was made? Couldn’t be more sarcastic!

6. When hell is all the same for you!

7. Morning! That’s when you regret most decisions that you took last night!

8. Trust me you never want to get into that truck! You get noting but bizarre hospital bills and even sweet death!

9. Hope the yogurt as delicious as Debbie, or you can have Alicia next time!? LOL

10. When you always win against yourself.