Hilarious Tweets That You’ll Enjoy Only When You Are Not At Coachella

You can say that people at home are just jealous of the people who enjoyed at Coachella. There can be one more possibility that people are just lazy enough that they prefer staying at home and watch the festival at peace. Here are some hilarious tweets which you’ll enjoy only if you are not at Coachella.

1. Stressed Out Because Of Social Media


People start giving reasons that why they are not going to the festival and they are just hilarious to read as their reason is just out of this world.

2. Spending Too Much



Some people can be so much lazy that they can comment on the people who are actually going to the festival and they prefer to stay at home.

3. Unaware People


People who are unaware of the things and they just ask people about the things and make a joke out of them.

4. Comparing Things


Sometimes people actually try to compare things with the most amazing things which are around them. They can pull things down as they don’t understand things. Click next.