History is a story of our ancestors that made things work for which we are here today, but some things that they didn’t do it with any intention or intentionally & what if you want them to be the same. These are some of the past historic photos that were taken at the right moment that reveal some of the poses that might shock you.

When Human’s appeared very first on a Photograph picture during the year 1838


The yellow marked indication shows a man polishing his shoes on the street corner that is zoomed as to show the picture where it is taken, it’s a daguerreotype image of the Boulevard Du Temple in Paris, made by Louis Daguerre from his window.

When an American girl was tattooed by Indian tattoo in the face of a white woman, 1863


This American girl named Olive Ann Oatman was a from Illinois whose family was killed in 1851, when she was fourteen, in present-day Arizona by a Native American tribe, perhaps the Mohave tribal’s treated Olive was not as a slave but as an equal as they made tattoos on her chin that they themselves wore.

An obscene gesture of ‘Middle Finger’ which was snapped during the year 1886


May be upset with the game or by the photographer who must have done something wrong to baseball player Charles Radbourn, without thinking twice, showed the middle finger at the camera. This act remains in world history as the first obscene gesture captured in a photo.

Snow ball fight is fun, but for some students it turned NASTY


This story come during the year 1893 in which these Princeton students looked like after a seemingly doing some innocent snowball fight. They could easily be mistaken for who have just returned from a battlefield or becoming victims of furious bees.

In 1930’s the tallest person in the history of medical observations, termed as ‘Gigantism’


Gigantism‘ is a medical term of unusual or abnormal largeness, or even stated excessive growth due to hormonal imbalance. Robert Pershing Wadlow, still remains the tallest man in the world’s history.

A Nazi Hitlerite’s Picture during 1936 who was not willing to raise with the other Nazi’s


The Red marked guy named as to be August Landmesser who was also a Nazi, he expressed disagreement with the policy of the Third Reich because of which he couldn’t marry a Jewish woman, Irma Eckler. Later Irma was killed in a camp & August just got vanished away.

Beer, Gasoline & Blast


A trick to save was put like a trial & error method, of course beer isn’t a fuel. This was the way it was carried to British soldiers fighting in Normandy during World War II. And before they started to pour beer into fuel tanks, barrels were attached to the fighters instead of weapons.

Thinnest Waist of a lady since the year 1959


This is all even today we all jump to gym to get a slim waist but a British woman named Ethel Granger decided to change extremely to please her husband William. This is the most recorded aspect of having the thinnest waist size & still hold the record up till date.

A Picture left like souvenir in the Moon


There is no ‘Photoshop’ in Moon but an Astronaut named  Charles Duke, who took part in the Apollo 16 mission as a Lunar Module Pilot, left his family photo (his wife, and their sons Charles Jr. and Thomas) on the surface of the Moon.

America’s “Uncle Sam” Origin


Uncle Sam is a common national personification of the American government or the United States in general. But some where in 1970’s this photo where a veteran named Walter Botts posed as similar like ‘Uncle Sam’.

These were some of the revealing aspects of some of the photos that might show the viewers even today though they are past & gone away by time, but they still have the impact of bringing shocking expressions on us even today.