Some Of The Historical Past Incidence That Were Captured On Camera Long Ago

What when history gets revealed again, we can go back to the time & change certain mistakes that were made. But what if you want them to be the same.

History is a story of our ancestors that made things work for which we are here today, but some things that they didn’t do it with any intention or intentionally & what if you want them to be the same. These are some of the past historic photos that were taken at the right moment that reveal some of the poses that might shock you.

When Human’s appeared very first on a Photograph picture during the year 1838


The yellow marked indication shows a man polishing his shoes on the street corner that is zoomed as to show the picture where it is taken, it’s a daguerreotype image of the Boulevard Du Temple in Paris, made by Louis Daguerre from his window.

When an American girl was tattooed by Indian tattoo in the face of a white woman, 1863



This American girl named Olive Ann Oatman was a from Illinois whose family was killed in 1851, when she was fourteen, in present-day Arizona by a Native American tribe, perhaps the Mohave tribal’s treated Olive was not as a slave but as an equal as they made tattoos on her chin that they themselves wore.