Homeless Man Wanted Money From This Lady- 2 minutes later She Was Speechless

we usually look at the homeless man as faceless people around us living on the streets. Even they have thoughts, feelings and dreams. Sometimes people who need the most end up being the one who is willing to give. Here's a story of this homeless guy.

What Homeless Man’s Response


The homeless man told Caroline that “How much do you need for a ticket?” the homeless man asked. “I only have 4 real, (USD $.63), but I can give it to you.” But she refused and he asked again ““Are you sure? I can give you the money. I can’t let you walk. I can help you,”.

The Final Call Of Caroline


She checked her bag once again and found her ticket. She found 2 Brazillian real in her bag and gave it the guy.She took a picture with the guy and posted it on facebook and said “Was it a simple gesture? YES! But there’s a lesson. This gentleman, who has so little, who needs to rely on others to survive, was willing to give me all that he had that night so I wouldn’t have to go home on foot”.