How 10 Famous Cartoons Are Adapted for Different Countries

Every year we see new cartoons that capture the attention of both enthusiastic children and adults throughout the world. It’s interesting that these TV stories can look different in many countries. We found cartoons from different parts of the globe in which characters and plots repeat or resemble each other in many ways. We invite you to compare their similarities.

3. Kung Fu Panda / The Little Panda Fighter


Brazilian animators not only created an analog of Pokémon but also presented a new view of Kung Fu Panda. A new character, very similar to our favorite Po, works in a boxing club and really wants to learn ballet.

4. The Simpsons / The Samsonadzes


In 2009, Georgia released a cartoon, the characters of which very much resemble the famous American animated series. In this version, the father of the family is called Gela, not Homer, and a green parrot joined the family’s pets.