How 10 Famous Cartoons Are Adapted for Different Countries

Every year we see new cartoons that capture the attention of both enthusiastic children and adults throughout the world. It’s interesting that these TV stories can look different in many countries. We found cartoons from different parts of the globe in which characters and plots repeat or resemble each other in many ways. We invite you to compare their similarities.

9. Ratatouille / Ratatoing


And again the audience can see a story about rodents and cooking, this time made by Brazilian animators. Mice are everywhere: in the role of the chef, restaurant diners, and even villains who are trying to find out the secret ingredient in the “Ratatoing” restaurant.

10. Pokémon / Dogmons


The Brazilian version of the popular cartoon has many similarities with the Japanese original. Yet the main character, Ash, is now called Alex, and his faithful friend is not Pikachu but Greendog.