How Could Someone Be So Photogenic In These 12 Uncomfortable Situations?

Have you ever had a photo of you taken without knowing you were being photographed? Yeah, it’s totally hideous, I’ve seen it too. My point is, 99.9% of all “spontaneous” photos suck. And think of all the viral paparazzi shots. None of those show the celebs in a good light. But it’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to see that 0.01% of ridiculously photogenic people, right? Right, this way!

7. Some people just look good in front of the camera.


Through the fire and flames! Also, here you can see both the 99.9% and the 0.01% in one picture. You’re welcome.

8. WOW!


She’s smiling when she’s airborne, and she will smile when she’s facing down in the dirt.