This Is How Dehydration Takes A Toll On Your Body

With the summers approaching there is a high chance of people feeling lethargic and sleepy and while we blame it up on the weather there might be some other reason towards it. The summer season takes a toll on us and we are often dehydrated. If not paid attention to it can lead to serious things. Here is how dehydration takes a toll on your body


The human body consists of 73% of water, so you can understand how important water is. But when the body dehydrates it slows down our enzymatic activities, resulting in tiredness and fatigue.

High Blood Pressure



Since water is present everywhere in the body, decrease in the water result in the thickening of the blood. Hence causing resistance in blood flow therefore high blood pressure.

Asthma And Allergies


Like machines, our bodies too shut down when they have a problem. During dehydration, our body restricts airways in order to conserve water. Therefore directly causing an asthma attack or an allergy.

Skin Disorders


You might not know this but during dehydration, your body tends to impair the elimination of toxins through the skin. During this time our body is actually vulnerable to all types of skin disorders. Stay tuned to know more about dehydration on the next page…