Hundreds Of KFC Shops Closed, People Are Absolutely Loving KFC’s Apology

It’s been an unpleasant week for British people with a hangover after KFC suffered a major stunning chicken distribution failure. Since KFC was not able to supply the chicken to the people the store was out of food. The KFC apologized for it and people freaking loving it. Stay tuned to know more.



KFC is a world famous fast food restaurant chain initially in American that specializes in fried chicken. KFC is now basically available in almost every country.

KFC To Suffer A Chicken Problem


KFC which specializes in fried chicken and has the best chicken dish had to face a major problem due to the shortage of chicken on Wednesday.

Hundreds of KFC Outlets Remain Closed


Due to the shortage of Chicken in the restaurants, Hundred of KFC outlet was closed for the day. Leading to a major loss to the Owers and the franchise this week.

Cause For the Problem


KFC recently made a new contract with the delivery company which supplies the chicken to the outlets. The Outlet was closed for the period of time until the fast food chain tries to recover from a disastrous start to a new delivery contract. Stay tuned to know more on next page…