IN LABOR?! Baby on the Way for This Teen Mom?! Here is another new news coming from teen moms that Baby on the Way for This Teen Mom ! To know more about the story read the article below

#1 Arrival

The ladies of Teen Mom have been popping out babies left and right it may be time for the next one’s arrival! The one of the teen mom is pregnant and soon will be popping out a baby.

#2 Labor

Another Teen Mom baby! In the recent episode we saw that the former MTV star Katie Yeager teased fans that she is about to go into labor. Katie Yeager will be having second child from her boyfriend Mr.Thayn. 

#3 TM3

“I hope I don’t go into labor before Molli’s parent teacher conference tonight;’ the former Teen Mom 3 star tweeted. Molli is the daughter of Katie Yeager, She gave birth to a daughter, Molli J Maes, on June 24, 2011

#4 Tweet

This is the tweet by the Katie Yeager its quite funny. Oh–and speaking of Molli, she’s five years old and going to school!? How is that even possible?!

#5 Joey

She shares her one daughter, born in August 2011, with her ex Joey Maes. Katie Yeager is from Rock Springs, Wyoming and got pregnant by her live-in boyfriend, Joey Maes.

#6 Canceled

Katie was on the now defunct Teen Mom 3.We’re sending out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Katie and lucky Mr. Thayn! We were saddened when Teen Mom 3 was canceled, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t actually a good thing for Katie and Molli.

#7 MTV

The identity of Mr. Thayn (presumably the father of Yeager’s baby given her hashtag) remains unclear mainly because the former MN personality has made a concerted effort to keep their romance off social media.

#8 Man

“I’ve been with a wonderful man for over a year. The sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on social media,” she recently wrote on Instagram. “Even if I was single it would still be a blessing. I’ve been a single mom to Molli most of her life and she is amazing.”

#9 Congrats

The young mom revealed that while she was looking to expand her family, she didn’t think it would happen so soon. We wish a happy and healthy delivery for her!

#10 Tell Us

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