Inside Khloe Kardashian’s Maternity Lingerie Photoshoot: Exclusive Details Revealed

Maternity Photo Shoot


Khloe Kardashian in a recently said that she wanted to lead a life away from limelight yet she posted a photo where she is advertising about a Lingerie. She also said “Shooting the Good Mama campaign while expecting a child of my own was an amazing experience.”

Khloe With Boyfriend Tristan Thompson


Khloe during shared a photo with baby daddy Tristan Thompson. It was captioned as “Mommy and Daddy”. The photographer who clicked the picture was sashasamsonova Tristan is seen holding the baby bump in the photo.


If At All You Were Wondering To Buy Those Pieces Of Lingerie!


If you want to buy the Lingerie here are some details “The Nocturnal Balcony Bra retails for $104 and the matching Nocturnal Thong for $89; both are available for order on”