Instagram Announces The Building Of Equity Team To Spot Impartiality On Platform

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, announced on Wednesday that it has created- Instagram Equity Team, that will spot and address the impartiality on its product and eventually make a better place for its users on the platform.

In June 2020, Instagram committed that it will review its platform to check whether if it’s being biased to certain groups of people. After the killing of George Lloyd, various companies came forward to show solidarity with Black people and Instagram was one of them. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, said that it will be elevating their voices and address the inequalities. He also ensured that in the coming months, Instagram is looking forward to serving the groups in a better way.

“To ensure this work is fully supported, we’ve created a dedicated product group – the Instagram Equity team – that will focus on better understanding and addressing bias in our product development and people’s experiences on Instagram. The Equity team will focus on creating fair and equitable products. This includes working with Facebook’s Responsible AI team to ensure algorithmic fairness,” he said in a blog post published on Wednesday.

Instagram has already posted a job opening in the name of ‘Instagram Product Manager, Equity & Inclusion’ who will be responsible for ensuring that their platform provides the most equitable experience for the global communities and make sure that is no hint of impartiality in their products, policies, and systems. Along with this, the social media company is seeking for ‘Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Instagram.’ The individual responsible will be developing strategies to hire people from underrepresented backgrounds and build an “inclusive workplace for Instagram.”

The decade-old company said in its blog that rather than deleting the content on hate speech, rape threat, and racism, it will directly disable the accounts. It also added that they’re announcing updates to take actions against the organizations that are linked with violence such as QAnon. Moreover, it will also give warnings to the people who are posting offensive comments in Live video.

Over time, Instagram was known for being biased in the process of verification. Earlier, people with the big following were given a notable advantage over the others. However, things have changed now. In the blog post, Instagram said that it had spent the last two months reviewing the platform’s Instagram practices and is making changes to make it a fair process.  “We measure notability through press articles about the person applying for verification. We’ve now expanded our list of press sources we consider in the process to include more Black, LGBTQ+, and Latinx media,” Adam added.

Recently, Pinterest was accused of underpaying their two employees and faced racist comments. The two employees went public about the experience and left the company. To examine its workspace culture, the company hired an outside legal team. Furthermore, the Pinterest spokesperson said “As we outlined in our statement on June 2nd, we’re committed to advancing our work in inclusion and diversity by taking action at our company and on our platform. In areas where we, as a company, fall short, we must and will do better.”