Instagram Star Dan Bilzerian Has Finally Got A Girlfriend, And She’s Already Viral

As his Instagram will without a doubt bear witness to, life is a beach for Dan Bilzerian. Swanning from private jet to luxury yacht, Bilzerian struts around as the true personification of material wealth, uncovering his impressive riches and playboy way of life on his ever popular social media channels.

Additionally, in 2014, he became embroiled in something of a scandal after hurling an adult film star from the rooftop of a house and into a swimming pool.


The woman in question fell a little short of the pool and allegedly broke her foot as a result of the incident.

Despite ostensibly finding domestic bliss, Dan Bilzerian and Sofia Bevarly’s relationship has not been all water skiing and private jets.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bilzerian courted controversy when he posted a picture to Instagram that showed Bevarly astride a 100-year-old Galapagos turtle – an endangered species. The picture, taken on Richard Branson’s millionaire paradise Nekker Island, sparked outrage from some due to its apparent insensitivity to the plight of the creature that Bevarly was perched upon.