Recently after scoring his 500th goal for Barcelona at the end of the day, the media was powered with the debates as to just who is the greatest footballer of all time? Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Maldini or Messi? For someone who’s still playing, even being a part of the debate is a huge honor but normality isn’t something Messi strives for or does he? Leo Messi has been time and time again labeled as the greatest of all time surpassing even the likes of Pele and Maradona.

But let’s not get into that debate just at this point. Let’s focus on just how great is Leo Messi actually? 500 goals may sound impressive, a film – sufficient but just imagine that how great you have to be so that your lookalike gets arrested for causing congestion amidst the street!

Yes, that actually happened. A Lionel Messi lookalike in Iran got arrested because individuals mistook him for Messi and rushed towards him for clicking a picture. Scroll down to know more.

Meet Reza Parastesh


Reza is an ordinary Iranian citizen barring one striking detail i.e. he looks exactly like Lionel Messi.

He’s already a superstar in his town Hamedan


At whatever point he walks down the road, he gets respects a blast of individuals begging him for a selfie. We can’t censure them, right? With the hitting similarity he imparts to the Argentine, even we wouldn’t see any problems with clicking a photo with him.

He grabbed modeling contracts


It appears his acclaim is going up by the day! Reza nowadays is stacked with media meetings and displaying contracts of the organizations who need to make Messi as their face. Very prudent thinking of you as get precisely Messi’s twin at 100th of the cost.

He decided to do a prank


A couple days prior, he chose to go for a walk around the place where he grew up Hamedan to see the responses of the people. Before long things escaped hand as individuals surged towards him to clicked a photo.

Got in trouble for his prank


Indeed, even Reza didn’t understand exactly how much his little trick could cost him. In view of the sheer measure of individuals who were ready to click a photo with him and  the congestion it resulted in, police chosen to take matters into their own particular hands and appropriate Reza’s auto and arrested him.

He later was set free!


Police after realizing the reason for the congestion declared Reza innocent and set him free, much to the delight of all his local fans.