Is Teen Mom 2 Getting Cancelled?! Read about this shocking news in the article below and clear your doubts.


With the moms from Teen Mom 2 no longer being teens, marriages, divorces and expanding families, the future of the show has been in question.


Another factor is the girls themselves. It seems some are ready to move on and away dell reality TV.


And the most important factor, the viewers, are they even tuning in to keep the show popular enough to get picked up for another season after this next ‘season 7B’ airs?

4. broke down the numbers for us…

In terms of pure numbers, the couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2 were bringing in over 3-4 million viewers per week. Pretty incredible. Compare that to this season, with brought in between 1.5-1.75 millions per week, and there’s no doubt that the glory years are over.

5. Live viewership is down but recorders viewership holds strong.

Right? Not necessarily when you break it all down. Like the TV landscape in general, there are fewer “live” viewers and more people tuning in to watch Teen Mom 2 online later in the week.

6. #3?!

Moreover, the rating look even better better if you focus in on the 18-49 demographic, in which the show scored a highly impressive 1.9 rating.

By the metric, Teen Mom 2 was the third highest rated original cable show, behind Game of Thrones and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.


Not to mention the revenue and exposure MTV generates from the viral nature of the show – all of which if uses to bolster its brand. Especially in an era when creating original programming is as hard as ever, this is like lightening in a bottle – years later – for the  network.


So to sum it all up, Teen Mom 2 is still killing in the ratings and not going anywhere any time soon.