There are many theories about ‘The Game Of Thrones’, about the characters, about the stories and a lot more things. But this particular fan theory about Samwell Tarly really true? Lets find out….

You might have noticed that.


If you look at this picture carefully you will notice that you have seen this chandelier before, haven’t you? It is the place where Sam is currently spending his time studying.

Remember the opening credits?


Now just like you many people saw this similarity in the pictures, so many of them have formed various theories about Sam that will shock you!

Lot of fans to theorize that…


The theories are as follows, many fans think that due to the connection between Sam, the chandelier and the opening credits, it is possible that Sam is actually the author/narrator of the events of Game of Thrones.

We know that Sam is well-read.


From the moment Sam was introduced in the series it was clear that he wasn’t the warrior type and was interested in books. Sam is personally connected to the all the major events of the series, this led fans to think that he survives the whole ordeal and writes the history.

The theory became much more popular.


After last week’s episode the theory was much more popularly considered when Archmaester Ebrose revealed something interesting.

Archmaester Ebrose revealed that he was A Chronicle on the Death of King Robert 1.


This supported the theory a lot and made it quite obvious, but still it’s just a theory!

And the kicker is…


Just like all the theories there was a twist in this on too, it was when Ebrose asks Sam about the title, Sam says that he’d prefer something “a bit more poetic.”

Soon Sam takes over writing duties from Archmaester Ebrose.


Lets hope we don’t end up watching a book written by Sam, because that’d be really boring! But it could be possible that Sam is embellishing things a bit, making the story more complicated than it already is!