We all know that Boruto has some special eye powers like the Sharingan, but it’s powers are different from any other eye jutsu. Now it is said that Boruto”s eye’s name is Jougan, is it confirmed? Lets find out…

Boruto received a prophecy.


According to the manga Boruto received a prophecy from Momoshiki as well as a gift for killing a god and having possessed the blood of the Byakugan in him.

Boruto was gifted a curse mark.


In the manga ever since Boruto received the curse mark we haven’t gotten any news regarding what kind of powers it has besides what we see in the future of Boruto.

When Boruto activates it.


The curse mark turns blue once it is activated, boruto has activate the curse mark in many different occasions in the series, but he wasn’t able to do that on his own.

We have finally found out some piece of news.

In the episode 15 we found out that Toneri is somehow connected to Boruto’s eye and all the events that are going around. Toneri has confirmed Boruto’s eye to be called the Jougan.  

We can also observe that…


We can easily observe that fact that  every eye seems to end with the word GAN at the end:

  • Sharin-GAN
  • Byaku-GAn
  • Tensei-GAn
  • Rinne-GAN
  • Keturya-GAN

With research outside of this episode…


By conducting research outside the anime we came across the fact, Jougan means pure eye, and from what Toneri has talked about in previous episodes as well as this current episode has told, Toneri has confirmed it.

Toneri’s dialogue explains that.


In the next episode you will see that Toneri says the gate to the Nue has been sealed and that Jougan’s turn won’t be for a while and that it is only temporary. From this we know that since there is no Nue Boruto’s eye won’t be activated anymore. Which means that Boruto’s eye is indeed referred to as Jougan.

The design for Boruto’s eye.


If you closely observe Boruto’s eye you will see that it resembles the moon in the night sky. So it can be said that Boruto’s eye is indeed connected to Toneri and the Tenseigan?